Kevin T. Allen is a filmmaker, sound artist, and independent radio producer whose work traverses museums, galleries, festivals, and conferences around the globe. He is increasingly fascinated with the territory that straddles ethnography and the avant-garde, disciplines that are both deeply immersed in “the other” and a thick approach to representation. His recent interest in acoustic archeology urges him to locate culture not only in human forms, but also in physical landscapes and material objects. His current project “Real West” uses handmade contact microphones to interrogate the material artifacts of roadside ghost towns in South Dakota. Samples of his work can be found at


Maile Colbert is an intermedia artist, educator, and researcher with a concentration on sound and video, living in Lisbon, Portugal and teaching at Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade Porto. She spent the last three years collaborating with the organization Binaural/Nodar, and is an ongoing contributor of articles on Acoustic Ecology at “Sounding Out!”, the award winning sound journal. She holds a BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media from Mass Art, and a MFA in Integrated Media/Film and Video from the Calarts.


Joan Schuman makes stories out of sound for broadcasts, gallery installations, online venues, virtual spaces, festivals and CD compilations. She curates radio programs and sonic arts and teaches online in the Media Studies program at The New School for Public Engagement. She lives in Arcata, California. Explore her work at HyperAcousia.


Tessie Word lives in Portland, Oregon and works in sound and new media. She often explores how memories of violence color the construction of narratives.She is currently working on a long form radio documentary about growing up in the tsunami zone.


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