by Kerri Rosenstein

father has been made from daily walks over one year and originally included 23,024 rose stones. The number signifies the number of days of my father’s life and the hand-painted, rose-colored stones the literal meaning of my name given by him. ROSENSTEIN is scripted on as many stones as days of my life - relational - as all things are. A celebration of life - breathing in, breathing out. People are invited to participate by taking a stone to leave out in nature, redistributing and dissolving the piece back into the environment. Responses can be viewed at



Kerri Rosenstein's artwork often relates to subjects of impermanence, transcendence and the universal, cyclic nature of things. Recent exhibitions include: Richard Levy Gallery; Missoula Art Museum; Holter Art Museum; The Brink Gallery; and public installations in Kona, Hawaii; Miami, Florida; and Houston, Texas. Home-base is currently in Missoula, Montana. More of Rosenstein's work and happenings can be viewed at

Photos by Athena Lonsdale and Tom Robertson.


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