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posted August 2010

from the manuscript-in-progress
Painting Czeslawa Kwoka
Honoring Children of the Holocaust

poems by Theresa Senato Edwards
paintings by Lori Schreiner



I will die at night

no, I try to speak

my voice cold as roots

I try to speak in camp

soldiers tug at stripes—what      does      that       mean      to       me?       mouth—lips—mouth—lips
       stripes, black/grey stripes        head positioned like a relic             no,        I        try        to

soldiers undress my soul, can you see it?        take it from me?

Jehovah holds my chin against a lightly tilted air.

I want to speak but will have no mouth, night catches voice, holds it till morning.

I will die at night        Ik zal sterven 's nachts

I will

breathe slowly through shadows,          camera          flash       numbs

until I see again.            I want to move—

n o t                 a             t w I t c h like death

not a fluff of hair.




Photo of Deliana Rademakers, Holocaust victim, used with permission from the archival collection of the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim.




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