posted June 2010

Race to Nothingness
by Albert Mercadé and Oriol Sàbat

Original version in Catalan
with English subtitles

Production: Films d'Art, 2008
Director: Albert Mercadé
Script and original text: Oriol Sàbat
Photography, sound and editing: Sebastián Bruno
Original Music: Martin Merker
Lengh: 9' 53''

Oriol Sàbat (Barcelona, 1967) responds to a conception of art as a search for the profound. This is his artistic purpose, but also his vital purpose. For him, a truth exists, but in fact, is inaccesible in the simple observation of things.  The world is full of signs, though hidden. This is why the artist confronts and makes extreme the spectacle of appearances as if he was agitating and twisting them into the search of a secret, of something essential, hidden within. Moreover, the art of Oriol Sàbat expresses itself  as a fire revealing that which is sacred. You have the sensation that the artist's work is like a sudden blaze.  The fire is associated with the rituals of initiation, sacrifice and purification...all these significances can be found in the work of Oriol Sàbat.  Although the fire also refers to the light, to the spirituality that illuminates the shadows, and to the knowledge, this element also expresses the ideal of the artist.  And this ideal is nothing other than the creator as a developer of hidden images in the dark.  In this way, the artist; in this way, the flame:  the fire is the energy of Sabat's painting.  - Jaume Vidal Oliveras




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