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Shelton Walsmith Painting, by Adam Cooper Teran


Shelton Walsmith is a painter and photographer working in the Gowanus Canal area of Brooklyn, New York. His work has been published by The Paris Review, Knopf, Vintage, Rizzoli Books, Paris Vogue, Denver Quarterly, Unsaid Magazine, New York Tyrant and others. He has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Prague and Austin. He is currently represented by the Brooklyn based gallery Causey Contemporary Gallery. Walsmith is the founder, curator and host of the event series Yardmeter Editions. See sheltonwalsmith.com and yardmeter.blogspot.com

Adam Cooper-Terán is an award-winning multimedia artist from Tucson, Arizona, better known for his performances with the internationally acclaimed Verbobala Spoken Video. His work has appeared across the North American continent and parts of Europe, in venues most prestigious (universities, museums, the French Embassy of Mexico City) and underground (a Mexican speak-easy, the Cathedral of Junk, Supperclub SF). Current projects explore the fusion of technology with the esoteric, while attempting to undermine mainstream media whenever possible. www.antral.net



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