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ASCO 100-Series
36” Wide, Self-Storing White Door with Black Hardware

Product Description: A venting door, in which the lower glass panel raises behind permanent insect screen for any-time ventilation in five convenient positions, the ASCO 100-Series comes with weatherstripping on the top, bottom, and both sides, and includes an innovative system that protects against water infiltration. A black push-button handle also provides the extra security of an easy-to-use night latch.

Customer Reviews

Peter, from Georgia, USA: I installed this door myself after buying a small, ranch-style, modular home on a half acre just past the Macon line. My girlfriend and I had decided marriage was not for us, and instead committed to a mortgage in her name, paid jointly. That summer, standing on our makeshift 2x6 deck, I re-squared the doorjamb and screwed the new ASCO 100-Series into place. It was my first home improvement, and I was pleased by how easy the door was to install. In all honesty, that day seemed like the best I’d ever had. In the late afternoon my girlfriend brought me a glass of Lipton ice tea—she liked the kind made from the powder—and told me she liked to watch me do “manly things.” I realize that sounds silly, and I do understand the concept of gender roles, but she seemed happy—and honestly, it made me feel good about myself. I’ve never felt like much of a man.

More than a few nights that summer, we made love in front of this door. Being able to raise the window panel and let in the night air, without the bugs, allowed us to listen to the bullfrogs and peepers across the meadow, in the neighbor’s pond.

We never really used the lock on this door, however, being in such a peaceful area, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness (though it did seem a tad flimsy).

Through the fall and winter, the ASCO 100 kept out water, as promised—even during the Spring 2007 flood. The flood never reached the door, of course, but I mean the door kept the rain out—which is more than I can say for the roof.

I couldn’t fix the roof myself. I tore it apart in the summer and thought I did it correctly, but ended up having to contract it out, which cost a hell of a lot more than I’d expected and more than we could afford. By then my girlfriend had already developed a habit of talking to me with the back of her head, and I was becoming progressively more addicted to Vicodin after falling off a ladder.

I’d like to say this door only lasted a year. But the truth is, it’s still standing there. I see it when I drive by, at least twice every weekday. I just can’t say for sure how it’s holding up.


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