glenda drew bio

Trickhouse vol. 11, Video

Glenda Drew


Norma, 3-D video, 2010

Use red and blue 3-D glasses if you have them.

Glenda Drew is a mediographer who has created CD-ROMs, videos, and installations exploring a wide variety of topics. She is committed to developing media and technological capacity among marginalized communities.

This video is one of a series of work done collaboratively with Jesse Drew. The series, called Party of Eight is a “motion–based, asynchronous gallery of contemporary food service workers from a wide gamut of restaurant establishments”[1]. Using 3D technology, Glenda trains her camera on her subjects, allowing us to observe them in front of their workplaces. Overdubbed is a narrative from the subject’s day – as well as the hopes and goals they have for themselves.

What is especially compelling about these portraits is that it uses the technological medium of 3D video in a way that gives voice to the invisible labor around us – ultimately creating an interpersonal connection between viewer and subject that is often obscured and overlooked in today’s economically and technologically striated society.

[1] http://www.redrocketmedia.com/turnDesc.html


Cyane Tornatzky (Trickhouse Video Curator) is an Electronic Artist and educator based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Along with generative and interactive work, she uses video as a medium to explore aspects of the human condition such as mortality, identity and gender.


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