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Trickhouse vol. 11, Visual Artist

Pamela Moore


Pamela Moore is an artist with extreme sensitivity to space and mastery of craft. Her lifelong interests in the book arts, poetry, typography and structure have recently combined voices and are orchestrated lyrically in pieces she describes as "Verbal Architecture". I first encountered the full import of Moore's work at her solo exhibit at Galerie Maeght in Barcelona. She had been living in Catalunya for many years when I visited her serene live work space in the barrio gothic. The torch bearing element I recognized at Maeght and in her studio was magic, and its implementation in esoteric or hidden forms and their revelation. Fifteen years later, the continuity in Moore's work is manifested in sculptural inventiveness and in the defiance of static imagery. I hope you investigate more of her enchanting enigmas online at www.liberinto.com.

- Shelton Walsmith, Trickhouse Curator



a house of
interior strangers

home of attitudes and
buliding sites

a loose orchestration
shrouded in thin dust

structure transformed

a window entirely
slightly accidental

the room 
would resemble
a shift in  living

it may persist
may disappear

rooms have come
and gone before

we store one grace

trace the loose brocade
where the family originated

speak of symbolic 

sense the desirable mistake
to judge the manner

of casual isolation




Look Back

dream of years ago
glass windows

it’s easy to forget
a world
yet to be invented

flowers remind
the heart
the house

the source 
of emotion

this intimacy
far from


the wistful
to resurrect







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