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We’re trap in warehouse building.  We have to be quiet and control ourself because beyond that metal door there will be street and there will be market. You heard sound of gun, bomb. Sound of rocket.

Or nothing. 

Once in awhile you hear soldier. You hear shouting or whispering. If you listen you hear that out there. If it Vietnamese, South Vietnam soldier, or Viet Cong we understand the language. But when American soldier out there we don’t know what going on.

One time we had been without food. The people that owned the warehouse leave. We broke in because we need someplace to hide.  We scrounge around to find a few bite of thing; there nothing left to eat. Four day in that building.
We managed to find a radio cassette player operated by battery. That all we do.  We couldn’t keep listen because radio station been damage. The first couple of day we pick up BBC but don’t understand English. We know it BBC because they say it.

All that’s left is a little cassette that plays Vietnamese opera.  For two day we listen to tape over and over and over to forget our fear, forget our hungry. Then the battery went dead.

That’s the first time I wanted to destroy something.  I held that radio. Tried to smash in the battery. Tried to get it to sing again.


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