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Lance Brewer & Harry Griffin
(curated by Sam Slater, selected by Kerri Rosenstein)

As an artist, Sam Slater works with visual imagery. As a person, his energy is dedicated to a sense of detail and care. His work and life thread one another – constantly referencing his relationship to others and a stewardship to the land/sea. With an affinity for the ordinary, he hones in on a quality of presence and observation. What he pulls towards strikes a refreshing curiosity in me.

Kerri Rosenstein, Trickhouse Curator

* * *


Oakland, California based artists, Lance Brewer and Harry Griffin, revel in visual congruences that exist between place, form, and language - searching out moments that present us with reminders of interactions with visual and transitory environments where a distinction between person and object is blurred.
Thus allowing us to be small... again.

Sam Slater, Guest Curator

* * *


Harry and I met in the darkroom. He was telling Jessica about "Ingrid Bergman" and said that,"He directed The Silence." I politely asked, "Do you mean Ingmar Bergman?" He responded with a smile saying, "Yes, I do. I always get them confused." I said, "I always confuse them too." I think Harry was happy someone else was watching Bergman.

Harry and I couldn't be anymore different, but I'm confident, deep down, we're two sides of the same coin. I think it shows in our pictures - you can't really tell them apart.

When Harry photographs people they become objects in a nonsensical geometry. When I photograph people they become characters folded into an environment. Both Harry's and my pictures become the same merging of figure and ground where for a second or two, nothing makes sense. Working with a few vague ideas of integration, assimilation and visual rhyming, Harry and I put our pictures together. Whenever we work together, I think we end up losing sight ourselves amidst something that happens between the both of us.

- Lance Brewer & Harry Griffin

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