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Trickhouse vol. 12, Sound


The exquisite work of the Lost Lockets is a vital representation of the lines drawn by our human existence. By this I mean that they conjure tales of our nature and design, and render them within markers of musical performance, allowing it all to over-flow those lines. A beautifully sweet melody can become mid-winter cellar-dark. Mylar dresses worn by swaying performers become rhythmic elements when paired with acoustic instruments.

Beyond song-form, they continue a fully realized theme and wonderfully executed performance when taking to the stage. I believe the first time I witnessed them perform was opening along with what seemed like a million other acts for a former member of a very influential band from the 1980’s. Their music was so potent, I cannot recall any of those other acts that night, headliner included.

-Eric Jordan, Trickhouse Sound Curator




Love You Save

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