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Trickhouse vol. 12, Video

Cyane Tornatzky & John Ratajczak

Declination, video by Cyane Tornatzky, music by John Ratajczek

As an electronic artist, I often start from a concept. To fully realize this concept, I often program software, research, and study processes in form in order to create an outcome. One of the beauties in this way of working is that I can enjoy the process without becoming attached to the final product. For this experimental video, I wanted to work in a way that similarly valued process, but allowed for a more emotional procedural approach.

Working from John Ratajczek's music I have an opportunity to work intuitively and respond to his atmospheric songs by creating visual textures and a spatial sense of scene. I use archival film and video footage as my medium. This lo-fi approach creates an interesting tension between the medium and the content, content which address space travel, the heavens and ultimately the fragility of life.

- Cyane Tornatzky, Trickhouse Video Curator

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