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In my surfing life I have been able to surf with a vast array of people with whom I have shared a spectrum of relationships. Although my immediate family does not surf, I have surfed with cousins, old friends, new friends, lovers, workmates, school-teachers, and some indefinables. I surf with people I have known my whole life, and I surf with people I have met in the water at my favourite breaks. For me, surfing adds something special to each of these relationships. It adds something oceanic. The friends I surf with understand and know things about me that my other friends don’t. They understand perspectives on waves, salt-water, mountains, sunsets and early morning light, which are particular when viewed from the ocean. They understand why we can’t have dinner until late in the summer months so that we can get the most waves out of the long, warm days. They understand why all holidays should be spent at the beach. They understand why I have remnants of sunscreen on my face when I get to work. They understand why I always have a board and swimmers and wax in my car. They understand when I am jumping around and stoked for days after good waves. They understand just how good that coffee tastes when you get out of the water after an early morning surf.



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