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Trickhouse Volume 13
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I will always choose surfing with friends and loved ones rather than surfing by myself. I treasure the times I spend in the water with other people and I love the ways that through these relationships waves are able to weave themselves into my conversations, home life and every day. For me, surfing becomes more tangible and real when shared, and family, friendship and love are all tied up together through surfing. Sharing surfing has added strength and care to these various relationships, helping to carry them across space and time and out into the water where they become something even more.

As I get older, I am enjoying watching my friends light up as their babies are born, imagining the time when they will be able to introduce their little ones into the ocean for the first time, when they will push them into their first wave, imagining when they will share the joy they find in surfing with their children. It’s a beautiful thing. I see it in myself when I go to the beach with my niece and nephew and push them into waves on their body-boards. Or even better, as I watch them fearlessly catch waves on their own. Seeing this, I know that surfing and the ocean are not just who I have been or who I am today, but that they will always be a part of my family, friendships and my life.



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