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Trickhouse Volume 13, Interview

Shayna Schapp and Megan M. Garr | So we come with things to hold it in




We engaged in a dialogue about the responsibility of the interview in this eager and already autobiographical world. The obvious—to interview each other or to have ourselves be interviewed, or to interrogate our lives or surroundings in some way—felt keenly ridiculous, like the little geometric dot that slips the spectrum between authenticity and fraud. In other words, nothing in the traditional or even clever interpretation felt us, whatever that means. Ourselves—me, us, you—are already everywhere. We felt ourselves, then, pushed, from ourselves, away from ourselves. So we wondered what would happen if we could turn the interview upside-down. What would it look like, using various means and sources, paper and ink and pencil and watercolors. Is it answerless? Or does the subject look out into the world and say nothing?






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