So because I’m 63 (oops 64 ) and have a condition I’m supposed to go all decorous?

mucking about again in turbid water, dank caves, tunnels giving passage
to sunlight and pasture fields, swapped off with touch, drowsed limpid
along the tensed and relinquished rim of a vast expanse      the grazing hand I say unto you

uh uh

get up there

that was the first valley

rocks you’re still here

thousands weeping

the rocks are soft

like in book 1

and latte
cold on the feet at dawn            the rocks not milk

a cool breeze, a something moon, the dawn of a fortunate day
dear Leslie all awakened beings
cross on over      set them free

in Port au Prince
where all five skandas are empty
the other shore’s this shore

ahoy or

The word skandha is a tough word to translate. It means heap, aggregate, or component of individuality. We are five of these. Just check it out and let's see what it means, and what else there might be, if anything at all.

form feeling perception intellectual consciousness
a peculiar translation

Snow has blanketed the state -- and we couldn't be more thrilled!

China is an ancient civilization located in a cultural region

The Buddha teaches that nothing among them is really "I" or "mine"

China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilization[1] and for most of the last two millennia was one of the largest and most advanced civilizations in the world, until the 1850s when it missed the industrial revolution.

A representative democracy, its capital is Guatemala City. Guatemala's abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems contributes to Mesoamerica's designation as a biodiversity hotspot

It was the first independent nation in Latin America and the first black-led republic in the world when it gained independence as part of a successful slave rebellion in 1804

A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region with a significant reservoir of biodiversity that is under threat from humans.

Outside of Buddhist didactic contexts, "skandha" can mean mass, heap, pile, bundle or tree


on Myers 2000 edition of the hotspot-map, a region must meet two strict criteria: it must contain at least 0.5% or 1,500 species of vascular plants as endemics, and it has to have lost at least 70% of its primary vegetation.[4] These sites support nearly 60% of the world's plant, bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian species,

Also see, for example, Thanissaro (2005) where khandha is translated as "mass" in the phrase dukkhakkhandha (which Thanissaro translates as "mass of stress")

Jump to slave rebellion. the still-new nation's future was literally mortgaged to French banks in the 1820s as it was forced to make massive reparations to French slaveholders in order to receive French recognition. These payments permanently affected Haiti's economy and wealth.[

Next soil hotspot: Scourged by deforestation and topsoil loss, Haiti is home to some of the most denuded land on the plant. only 3% of the once lushly forested country still has tree cover and up to one-third of the land has lost so much topsoil that it is no longer arable. degradation of rural areas has driven thousands of people into the cities, which are already overwhelmed by poverty and overpopulation.

Jump to rebellion. Main article. He rose to prominence by defending the northeastern border from the Khitan and other northern threats, while systematically bribing Imperial messengers and envoys to depict him in good terms in their reports. He was summoned to Chang'an, the Tang Dynasty's capital, several times and managed to get the favor of Chancellor Li Linfu and Emperor Xuanzong, who took An Lushan as his son. This allowed An Lushan to get astonishing military power in northeast China.

two out of every three people in China died during the An Lushan rebellion. See Koan tradition.

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meanwhile we’re sitting in the ten kalpas

So that?



Where is Owen (Baloncé)
where’s Leslie
where’s the Jewish rye, the pumpernickel
where is “adults move magnetized to the earth”
where is Detroit
where’s “all other insects forage at random”
where’s David (the Bronx)
where’s David (Brooklyn)
where is t’otherest guvnor
we’re right here
where are the snows d’antan
where are the ten kalpas


we’re sitting in them.
Mexican honeysuckle hops green and orange blurred over the bricks of modern languages a

            little bit       that jay is angry and squawks
time moves through itself like a hand grazed slowly along a thigh
next time let’s look for the nipples       truck
roars and grinds getting under way chugs out of the origin, cement
churns inside the rotating bee bell with the giant invisible spatula
one hand
it’s been said it’s not meaningful to speak of time’s nipples
if not what then
well, a thousand bees along the inside of the laundryroom windowsill another thousand
           pressing the outside wall
momentarily slomo mosh pit      of words time insects and Leslie is dead
yes the comic book is calm      go! said Norman at Green Gulch reported Charles (A not B)
when I sit down I sit right down plunk in all ten kalpas with the other non-attained Buddhas
that’s an awkward, pushily didactic translation “he didn’t attain Buddhahood” Shibayama says                   simply
Maggie didn’t, getting into her third book still carrying on, Muttzy didn’t WOW WOW
the peeling eucalyptus bark in the gravel yard didn’t attain it
that craggy bark flaked off in spots tree didn’t either
the rippling water still water and prototypically gorgeous fall leaves in the picture Rachel posted             but didn’t take didn’t attain it
now she’s an attorney (& roshi)

the origin didn’t attain it, BANG, nor did Ocean Blossom BLAM attain it
poor Taxi is probably dying today rag doll kitty with his arms around X whom he adores will not                   attain Buddhahood as death “descends” it’s a technical breed designation
that banana smoothie is no Buddha
is the green van Buddha either Zhaozhou answered oh no
of course not cotton lovely clouds drifting to no lazy music around the very soft blue of the sky
           like an Oldenburg typewriter floating slowly as if it were October not August nope not
           you either clouds
I place my palms together like this is no Buddha
this isn’t a Buddha blue polo shirt ergo this polo shirt is not Buddha either QED
here we go again grammatical remarks masquerading as synthetic judgments in the ten kalpas
which slows them way the hell down, like Moose Xing
ok you can be the moose
they can take it
nope Wittgenstein no Buddha or private language which doesn’t exist
and is therefore especially prized
does the No exist
no no there the dreamwork
isn’t a Buddha the same tree out the office window shimmies its leaves in a little wind again
           time folds like origami uji
Ethan Bull’s new book is great and somewhat like this but it’s not it either uh uh
time for a word from our sponsor
Winds whose soft-tickling genitals rub against me it shall be you!
Broad muscular fields, branches of live oak, loving lounger in my winding paths, it shall be you!
folded into the other book
a non-attained Buddha in the Chinese take-out line vows not to kill
any more orange chicken
that other one twirls a flower that other other one smiles
the sound rotated slowly through the dark a dandled flower
circumnavigating Tenney amazing that dandled is really a word after all O spellchecker it shall
           be you!
and the world can rotate as darkness spindled in the hand
the tree is the flower, the wall, that coffee, a cow
I play musical chairs hot potato or potlatch with Mahakasyapa I throw this flower into the sea
where everything floats in the ten kalpas like bath toys, little ducks and boats, it’s very tender
if there’s surgery in the ten kalpas what will that be like I wonder and what if there’s dying
t’otherest guvnor
I mean when will it happen? in the ten kalpas, duh, and in water
floating next to the ducks and boats
the ten kalpas swash me a track through them though then wash me up on shore now      time
           to dust myself off straggle up the beach and get back in the game (see Book Four of
what is the game? today
the blur of asphalt, some hot trees, and as usual doves in the driveway
in boisterous droves
Tenney what do you say
“I vow not to disparage awakening, the way, or my companions”

over & out.


toss the next koan forward it lands like a hackeysack in dirt amid the straggly grass



Gerry Pasciucco stared out from his fourth-floor office at the hurly-burly of midtown Manhattan’s 48th Street, weighing the riskiest trade of his life. Over a 26- year career, he had risen to managing director at Morgan Stanley and earned a seven-figure-plus pay package. It was October 2008, and Edward Liddy, the new chief executive officer of insurer American International Group Inc., had just asked Pasciucco to head the subsidiary at the vortex of the world financial cataclysm: AIG Financial Products Corp.
The mission: unwind AIGFP’s portfolio of 44,000 often complex, long-dated derivatives with a notional value of $2 trillion, close the unit, then fire what remained of its 428 employees and resign.

The answer turned out to be -- very afraid. In March, four months after Pasciucco started the job, he was sucked into a maelstrom of criticism after AIG paid $165 million in retention bonuses to the financial products unit’s employees.

It was AIG’s gambits on mortgage-related debt that brought the world’s largest insurance company to the edge of bankruptcy last September. On Sept. 15, the company lost its AA- credit rating -- it had already been downgraded from AAA in 2005.

The downgrade forced the firm to hand over billions of dollars in collateral to its trading partners. It didn’t have the money.


I love how Yeats in “Meru” has several wildly irregular lines mixed in with the regular ones. The opening’s metrical unruliness gives a sense of the cultural-historical phase (Yeats’s “unwinding of the gyre”) that is the poem’s subject:


every moment sitting in the ten kalpas
every moment
sitting just right now

sun-face Buddha
moon-face Buddha

where is Mazu (Basso) (Great Master Ma)

“ever since Ma kicked me in the chest I have not stopped laughing”

(An Lushan rebellion)


I hope that's not where we're going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies


No, Checky, not Hackensack

Maximal Sprawl Our Goal

with the sea stretching out at my feet


no frayed at your edges again last night
and this morning
leaves rubbing your face into gouache
Linji’s person of no rank slipping in and out of your face all day sliding along into the trees up                   among the leaves rubbing the breeze like sex
so long O tenuous Belgian prosopopoeia no mistake
Autobiography as De-Facement
no shit
you can look it up
it can look up you
when Linji came to Arizona he went straight to Mt. Lemmon the cardinal in the brambles pretty
           low down the huge crags higher and the pine forest smooth at the top
rakusu needle bonanza
made in the USA, and wallowed in prickly pear jelly
dispensed along the rows of kalpas squeezing case
but the sperm whale’s endangered now (unwinding)
ok you listener up there who do you think it is then
and face-frayed Tenney who do you think it is
that they are not different
yammering smeary bereft embattled luscious morose or jugged
it floats and sinks       and floats
your face looped through oil and water, rippled and lulled by currents
add wine vinegar for streaks and poolings of a little red
which happens in the chest and breathing tanden too Miro’s little winking amoebas soothed out
and memory      desire
and the palo verdes trailing green and dead brown branches right into the gravel sometimes
the tiniest baby rabbit X saw on the dark road, no bigger than a frog
the wash’s bog patches hard to notice till squelched in like quicksand up to the knee
one body
two caterwauling retrievers splash in the wash
“this interweaving goes on and on”      “while each thing stands in its own place

is also unwinding


rinse your mouth out for three days
okay . . .


Carlos has also been tracking AIG down the hall
a good day’s work
AIG got cubicles hey English got cubicles too
what you do bro?
I’m finding unwinding.




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