Rio Grande Crossing

This is a compilation of surveillance footage of individuals and groups crossing the Rio Grande on the Texas/Mexico border. The videos were appropriated from the "Virtual Community Watch" program run by Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition (TBSC), layered on top of personal footage of the river. Sound by Ryan Sprott.
6:12 (looped)











Jason Reed holds a BA in Geography from the University of Texas-Austin and an MFA in Photography from Illinois State University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Photography at Texas State University. Culling from the archives of Borderland Collective he has created gallery and public space exhibitions of collaborative work in Texas, Illinois, Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. and Mexico City. He has received grants from Texas State University, the Texas Commission on the Arts, Labotonica, and the Sappi Ideas that Matter program. Outside of his collaborative role, his individual work has been exhibited at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, St. Edwards University in Austin, UTSA Satellite Space in San Antonio, Box 13 in Houston, NYU 7th Floor Gallery, in the 2011 Texas Biennial, and this summer at Co-Lab Gallery in Austin and Anika Handelt Galerie in Vienna, Austria.

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