Like the best mythology, the videos presented here by Raphael Umscheid reflect a blending of personal and social matters. This series of inter-related videos created expressly for this volume of Trickhouse obtain those shapes: an instantly knowable Universal truth; a sharp individual reflection; a moment of frustration handled with humor.

-Eric Jordan, Trickhouse Curator










The Minotaur's Prison
The man with paint in a tug o' war. A minotaur bound. Struggling ensues. Off balance.

Man with Paint
The story of a a desk jockey, thirsty and eager to bring something to life if he only knew how. He goes for a ride.

Understanding Dinner
Typical dinner with a MINOTAUR and a GUY. Watch them eye each other. Watch them contemplate/eat hay. Trying to decide on what to order is so hard.

The Lady with the Long Arm

A common enough tale. A birdman has a moment. Maybe he is not as invincible as he thought he was. Why is he afraid to stand? Can he even fly?

See More (Camera Eater)
A girl who wants the look to be just right. Dreamy video of her eating a toy camera and film.



Raphael Umscheid is a visual artist/musician living in Austin, TX. He is fascinated by geography and surreal fantasies. His greatest joy would be to find an unknown continent or, at least, a small geographic feature. Until then, he will imagine what that scene might look and feel like. More of his work can be seen at He can be reached at

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