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David Lowe


Face #1


NS submitted the description:

Mid 30s
Black hair, shoulder length
Dark eyes
Round cheeks
Roundish face
Heavy eyebrows
Dark skin.




Round 2:

Hair thicker, parted on side, covering part of forehead, longer
Eyes darker, black, bigger
Cheekbones prominent high & round, apple cheeks
Eyebrows: Slope down, wider apart
Nose bigger
Mouth fuller, top and bottom in proportion
Chin slightly more prominent,  rounded point
Forehead smaller




Round 3:

Less prominent forehead
Smaller head
Eyes still bigger
Face & cheeks fuller
Chin shorter
Hair thicker
Eyes not as heavily lidded




Round 4:

Eyes less round and wider in length
Nose wider
Cheekbones still more prominent
Face still shorter
Eyebrows little longer
A little less chin, less distance from lips



Round 5:

Eyes too deep set, too wide apart
Eyebrows to wide apart



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