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Gisela Insuaste

gouache and ink on birch
24" x 36", 2007

gouache and ink on birch
48" x 36", 2008
(detail1, detail 2)

gouache and ink on birch
24" x 36", 2007

parts in play

hidden from me


roots inside


tower capes

[6" x 6" / ink and gouache on paper / 2008]


montanitas que bailan

parque de mis suenos

arbolitos caminando
color chatter

can serrat studio: backyard garden

boat shore

casita mia

[11" x 14 " / ink and gouache on paper / 2008]


montañitas y olas:walking talking seeing being
acrylic paint on wood, dimensions variable, 2008

Untitled: islas perdidas
acrylic paint on birch and wire, variable dimensions, 2008

water breaths
acrylic paint on birch, variable dimensions, 2007


My work is based on memories of real and imagined landscapes that explore the intersection between architecture, topography, memory and cultural tension. By playing with scale, line, imagery, and diverse materials, I create drawings, paintings and installations that map out and emphasize the subtle and quirky topologies of precarious rural and urban spaces: they are shifty, unstable, and ambiguous, and reflect the physical, emotional, and socio-political charged spaces we live in. I document and incorporate idiosyncratic structures, colors, and shapes into my work, thus seeking the interconnectedness of people, places and things. I use drawing as a conceptual framework to create 'lines' that bridge my memories and current urban experience. It allows me to move freely between 2-D and 3-D works and create relational systems that examine and question both individual and shared spaces. These spaces consider the dynamic yet fragile relationship we have with the natural and man-made architectural forms that surround us. My travels continue to inform my work, where a shift in location, in emotion, in activity, gives rise to new ways of looking and interpreting.



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