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Blonde Fur / Abigail Child



A digital loop available in quadraphonic (surround) sound, 2004-06, color, sound, 16mm original, DV edit, 2.5 min

"A rambunctious embrace, body to body, woman to woman, entrance to exit—inlaws—foregrounding the construction of cinematic meaning, the elusive nature of memory and desire, the hysteric familial arena of the social. A comedy of manners and movement, BLONDE FUR takes painting to its logical conclusion: the moving frame.” (AC)

Concept, Sound and Editing by Abigail Child.
Additional Sound by Gisburg.
Made with the aid of a Harvestworks Residency.

Premiered at New York Film Festival as film. Shown as projected loop in “Media Frames: Video Installation Electronic Media November 4-24, 2003 at Foster Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Shown as quadraphonic installation in Cologne, Germany Jan 26 to Feb 4, 2006 at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp; March 18 at Tesla Gallery, Berlin 2006; at Kassel, July 2007 in Municipal Building.

Install Instructions : Back project if possible, in frame, as golden and big as available; otherwise front project into frame. With surround sound in room.



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