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The Jonestown Project, Hour 8
by James Belflower & Anne Heide


In a few minutes, we will be 9:00 am in Guyana.

What are people doing:

Walking, talking, falling, canning, shitting, growing, swinging, thinking, eating, cleaning, singing, laughing, skipping, whispering, fighting, screaming, crying, sawing, moistening, planing, loving, sewing, speaking, hollering, spanking, stewing, embracing, drinking, wishing, soaping, laying, resting, gifting, praying, swirling, cooking, inclining, hoping, skinning, ploughing, driving, masturbating, winking, planning, vomiting, talking, dreaming, dying, hopping, guffawing, grinding, mixing, screwing, returning, filing, looking, surfing, manipulating, raising fingers, lying, waking, boasting, sleeping, watching, whining, fingering, rejoicing, clapping, smelling, giving, smashing, showering, intending, slapping, twisting, rotting, humming, flying, tripping, stitching, operating, butchering, sacrificing, kissing, administering, drawing, playing, scooping, urinating, experiencing, toasting, nurturing, turning, stepping, burping, echoing, surfing the internet, killing, emoting, blinking, ejaculating, sipping, touching, tending, hugging, feeding, milking, slaughtering, sighing, commanding, worrying, loving, tasting, coercing, analysing, farting, bawling, sucking, observing, sketching, relaxing, leaning, oiling, flipping, yelling, buying, selling, 



The ears that white out the front
of the photo.

The dark that blanks out the
foreground. (Small steps---)

I didn't remember this (these)

You can't be here...

you can't have remembered.

Asleep in the tired heat. In the morning. Waking.
Asleep in the cold frost. In the morning. Waking.

A few hours. It will be 11 am in San Francisco: there will be a listening station
in the reading room so that individuals can listen to recordings from among the
more than 800 cassette tapes of Peoples Temple services, meetings, and
communications between the U.S. and Guyana. The FCC has listened to them all.

Have you listened to the tape outdoors?
It erases much of the "noise."---

They can also read...

         we come into it so late. After the season was decided. Are you sure? Not now--my recollection of the events is within the tape, so

         when the tape begins

         it's all been decided.

There is a second plane called---
I don't know what it's called,
for "complicity"

            It is called "imagined"
            when in the air

            when you don't speak (so) nearly.

            you should be peacefuel


            This second plane: the place to precede the decision...

            the plane to fall into the ocean (in the nightmare     drop language in


Detachment. irready to write, an organ : aggression...


"Waited against all evidence."

Laying down with evidence.

Waist against all violence.



Ham Radio: What part of the tape sounded like (before it was taped over). Almost all the way thru.

Fell asleep. Listening to the tape.

So where did you return, in other words begin this time?


The woman in the photo is saying, "After today
I don't feel anything, and I know, it really hurt my heart."

She is kissing the bird
with her finger. The woman
is helping to love the bird.
The bird tastes
just a little bitter.

There is a split that causes the bird's beak...

The finger kissing there.

The past life of the bird split off
(arrhythmiaed) into organs.


Suddenly, there is bodily

Fig. Chosen at Random

Chosen for Resemblance

What is your name?

             I picture who this is.
             Start tape, we.
                        The realization that this is not "We."
                        No matter the precise, grayscale, the unsnap.

            I start taping, who this is,
                        to the bureau.

I returned at the end, listened again to the tailing-off.

What Jones calls "falling asleep"

Is this the first time we've named him?

    Yes, do we want him here? Assuming the name waves (LOS) (in) the network?


Boy Meh deh pon a/de fone/Who is she? - Ah who she? Dah ah wha? / Ah wah ah Dah?/I don't know - Meh nah know What do you want? - Wuh yuh want/What is happening? -Wappenin? What are you doing?- aWa ya do?/ We are going to cook - Abee a guh cook/ No Man-Na Man/ Don't come back- Nah mek meh see yuh back here/Nah mas come back/ What's wrong with you?  Do you understand what I am saying? - Yah understand wah meh ah seh?/ Come here Come hay, Move over - Dress down./ Go home - Ayuh catch home/ Gone from here - Gwhan from here

Did I tell you how I'm recording--on tape
over old tape. On the video camera. Face to face to face, to face.


        In what language?


        This is the best apparatus

                 because the sun is coming up. 

                 Hate to tell you, it's been in the language for awhile.

I'm taping over a draft
of an event I did
about my grandmother (not Hyacinth)
when I was in college.

Lots of old 8mm movies
I have them all on other tapes
but it still feels like erasure.
don't speak (so) nearly. 


Detached, inclination, clinamen, I tune out the tape, knowing I must lean forward again to listen...

This vacillation. Not entirely controlled? At this hour (20 of them ) maybe...

but it is slipping


Soon I will stand up, not for the shaming...

For the laying...

A list, entirely inconclusive, but action, echoing, not stemming from the tape-logic


                       sentences clapping
                       for each other.

Stand up for applause. It starts and stops. There are enough here, "I don't think nothing is impossible."


Consider what is there now. Silence. The livestock is hungry.

                The mirror images of the piggery and the chicken coop.
                The "mirror" images that fail to synchronize.

                fail to stopwatch...


        (i appreciate you to everything)
        (you don't know what you've done)

  Remember: All of those photographs were alive until just now. This one, for example:

The dark lenses. The mirror image.

  Remember: Did you know you went to dinner at the moment of Leo Ryan's death? Two minutes shy.

  Remember: We have three (or more) hours to go. Are you completely exhausted?


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