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privileging an instrument of approach


What matters at submicroscopic levels? What makes a garden at night

an ill-applied example of luxury?  The lizard on its rock, measuring all

things by movement. Stationary sun, sun in the shape of a tulip,

effectuate wind grinding flowers, trees tangled like curtains, the lizard


and its rock—disordered sounds pulverized into music: another fragment

like a flag claiming its constituents.  I regard with great awe an annotation

to the simplest aphorism. Its order allows it to grow without ambiguity.

The rocky surface of the lizard’s mind alight in the stability of an atom


turns a system of thinking disguised by allegory into the ruined house

of observation. All variables are excess. Reduce the lizard to a thought,

the flag to a thread, and sun to a smear of yellow inside the flower.

The rock is already a reduction. Reduce to a footnote all description


to an afterthought all reaction. The house can only expand with music.

Possibility allows you to leave it. Routine will return you there.





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