Dear Reader,

You are invited into an open and evolving environment consisting of twenty questions. In entering, you will be joining other artists and writers in collaborative thought. Though you may feel invisible and unaccompanied for the time being, you are in fact entering into a communal space, one that will continue to evolve, and make itself felt, to you, over the duration of this issue of Trickhouse, as well as across a more illimitable expanse.

The time you will need to complete this questionnaire will be variable. Feel free to respond to the questions as critically, creatively and/or automatically as feels natural. Please respond as soon as possible, as this questionnaire will expire on the closing date of September 1, 2009, after which time your responses will be compiled, read, archived and inhabited, and returned to you in a form dependent upon the responses themselves, in this same issue of Trickhouse.

With this in mind, please note that this is the first part of a three-part experiment, which will dictate the evolution of the subsequent two parts. We hope that you will take the time to unravel and elapse your thoughts and attentions toward these twenty questions, as we do also the environment about to commence.

We thank you sincerely,

Lisa Schumaier and Brandon Shimoda


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