nsp mashup mashup 3

newspaceproject is a site that is dedicated to the development of interactive experimental projects since 2000. The development and utilization of the site has been nonlinear and inconsistent. There is no typical archives. The site is not documentation.

Flexible Geography is a collaborative project that has been in development over the past year. The three main flexible geographers up until September has been artists Greg Stewart, Cyndi Gussler and Scott Keen.

The Trickhouse mashup project takes the two projects and creates a new way to experience them. The site is being launched as part of the Trickhouse guest curation for volume 6 is just the starting point for this particular project. It will continue to evolve with further developments of both projects and now the inclusion of the Trickhouse audience.... follow newspaceproject on twitter for updates to the project.

Scott Keen, Guest Curator Trickhouse V.6, October 2009