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Daniel Staniforth / Luna Trick


by Boris Luxx/Luna Trick/Rebsie


To Me a Star
by Luna Trick


Garden of Love
by Alchymical Muse

Luna Trick is the creative brainchild of English multi-Instrumentalist, Daniel Staniforth, recently joined by music partner, Rebsie Fairholm. Luna Trick offers an array of songs styles ranging from from darkwave, indie rock, electronica, space-funk, to ethereal - which can be heard on three albums: Total Submersion, Hoar Frost Sheen (2008), and Prophetic Guesses (2009). Daniel and Rebsie have embarked upon an number future projects, including her forthcoming psyche-folk album, Seven Star Green, on which Daniel plays and produces. The duo have also begun an exciting new venture called Alchymical Muse, which will explore artistic and poetic common ground, including pieces in gaelic/gallic, and a series of ancient-future treated folk-songs. Daniel has also composed a number of ambient, neo-classical, and film soundtrack pieces under his own name (some of which can be found on his 2008 solo album, Father to Father).



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