SeonHyoung Kim

a multi-sensory installation and interactive art performance



This project is an examination of three things: first, the social implications and psychological impact of the images and conventions of modern image and the mode of human visual perception, second, how people with impaired visual senses demonstrate a shift and relocation of their experiential world through all of their senses in very unexpected ways, and third, the new production possibilities of auditory sense, sound image as an invisible and infinite imagination.

The project combines sensory cognizance and wearable computing to simulate the experience of these shifting and surprising modes of perception. This combination is a unique approach in creating an environment that engages with the participant/viewer in a way that induces a visceral experience of what it means to perceive images in a sensory deprived state. In addition, it provides a point of view on our media saturated society from a critical perspective that originates from a corporeal reaction to image transformation.

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