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Lorem ipsum to the reclining bones. Lorem ipsum to the wash of chemicals across the metal face.
Lorem ipsum to the empty shelves where the specimens once stood.

And it came of the God that will see thee, my hand; & on his heart, & wilt thou art my new-born
that thou shalt bring to Jehovah. And she said, Before thee, sit & with all that sat over the land of
the sea, & there was with me. One law shall be that thy servants are no children, & weep. And the
land of Gomorrah, like his wife, which turned trembling, hid them at first. Behold the days of
the bricks. Behold the mornings that line the well. Take a dream & thou shalt speak.

Grass was going to get him & the relief when the forge, & asked him vagrants of everything,
everything is detestable in some flowers, that unexpected manner of still rooms, any small bundle
of anything. In the works of Madonna, a predominant concept is the distinction between
destruction & creation. There's a voice that keeps on calling me. We were like dumb-bells.

Certain of field, put the chemical instrument to the metal. Pretend to see cordially the you.
Weeks, quiet, vex the fields of lavender, fields of chemical. Morning arrives through a cable or
through the walls, new-born each day, sloughed into developer then fixer. There are certain
promises I made, when there was nothing else I could do. Where you go, I go. Kiss me. Kiss me.




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