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Then I come to a natural point of closure. The only problem with that is that it can only be reached by jumping off the edge of a huge canyon I found when I dragged myself across the desert way back in the beginning. Those were the days. The only way to keep these events clear in my head is to decorate them with artificial naming conventions and layer them in interpretive placards. These placards do little more than describe the natural contours of the surrounding topography, but quite often, that's enough. Sometimes, there is already an obvious geographical feature to use as a reference point, but often there isn’t anything so apparent. Other times, the geographical features themselves sends conflicting signals.
Perpendiculars or parallels?
Wind currents or numerically ordered sequences?
One space or two?
By the time I look up, my contemporaries have all decomposed and fluttered away in little clouds of dust or otherwise made themselves incredibly small and difficult to see.

* * *




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