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Eric Jordan

I Don’t Know - Passes 1-6

photo by Raphael Umscheid

pass 01:

pass 02:

pass 03:

pass 04:

pass 05:

pass 06:

The project came about as a way to open up the way I create some of the sounds I make. Most often they are the result of some rattling I hear in my head and later attach to a medium of some sort. On top of that I layer other rhythms and melodies.

With this series, I wanted to jump into the ocean and bring in the unknown influence of others I know. I asked a few people the same five open-ended questions and took from their responses tone, meter, and whatnot. The most common phrase happened to be, “I don’t know.” Following that were the usual “ums” and “urs” that we all use to fill the spaces.

I’ve played improv to varying degrees for over 10 years, so I am very comfortable with the phrase “I don’t know.” I set about to wrap up those honest and powerful words in a blanket of melody blocks and rhythms that appeared to me when I held the interviewees collective thoughts in my mind.

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