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Kate Greenstreet





I don't imagine I could ever say the ways I feel.

(opens in a house)

I think there’s no place to live anymore. Almost certainly, nobody here has anything to blame someone for.

The detective, out on the strand. Dropped by the label. He'd thought that, somehow, after all, it could affect him like some Roy Orbison record. Or some Dylan record.


Watch out, there's a hole there. So that's the room. As if the conversation never took place.

Everyone is moved.

When I think about the time I wasted. I had two burners, no oven. Don't be angry with me. You're crying?


I was by the ocean, I was dreaming.

The hallway was dark. So that's the room. It was old, with trees. I lost sight of you for a second. Shouldn't cry, I have a new way to think about things. I have a new way to think about things. The hallway was dark. I don't think I want to say how high I was, driving those back roads every night. But you might have a question I could answer. No one sees her. To save yourself.



Is your mother starting to forget things?

It's a different alphabet. To save yourself or save someone you love. And then they take your car.

I know how you're feeling. I stood on a chair to hear him do it live.




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