Deborah Bernhardt


[T]he figures move      And so it was      not a gray sky      widescreened      but a world      
and telecined       This       is my stunt double       If I were double, I’d file this
online,       refund faster       Security might stop me       How will you know       
if I end this by choice       If I had extra choices       I’d be a longhaired star, I’d be
a harlot star, Queen of Sheba, he bop, Ba-Re-Bop       not a gray sky       Tender death       
Can-do safe harbor       figures move       for the acting governor’s       beauty sleep
History Channel reenactment footage:       are we sufficiently enlightened?       If not,
pay $25 extra       A suitcase full of letters       Lifting-Line Theory:       for real-
world wings       in a video slot       So open and close       The sky is tender       I left
a lap of stone       Not one flower       open and shut       Look       under the matte      
framing action       but a world       Culture jam       It’s a Whirl-mart       Glittery carts      
The moment you recognize       a non-buyer       file behind her       Crashing       
tortuosity by induction       into a portrait       We clank our spoons       We scrape
our chairs      Too many decibels:       conserve       Sprawling on lapis,       lazy,       
eating tapas       Hibernating bats       slip from an upstairs       Warming wakes them      
Hand-feed till spring       It is not a gray sky,       but a world in mourning       Bless
the restoration of the aspect ratio:       in which       the figures move       span to chord.



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