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At the Agnes Martin Gallery, Harwood Museum of Art, Taos
Cynthia Hogue

Here one says Look between the lines

Penciled straight in free form making “grid paintings” that run the canvas’ length

Some lines evident from
          white or shadow-
                    blue brush strokes that they track: light
and white and off-

Striped paintings
I make a note of
what the method looks like
having no words for what – it is –

 “Perfect Day” – I think –
          An abstraction of
                    light off the
                              horizon from
Taos Mesa in summer
          might characterize
                    the line’s relation to
                              all the artist saw                                  

                                                                                          (all wrong)
                                                  (Beauty is the mystery of life

To have a clear idea of how
          to proceed is not a beautiful
                    image but a direction

(not blank)


(In our minds there is awareness of perfection)
          My imposition of
                    interpretation differs from her realm: to see is

not to know the mind’s dis-
position ar-
          ranged in lines cast across the canvas
                    which she painted in confident strokes

all her life, “she” an immutable sign of
solitude, hardiness (and I’m told joy), a perfectly
          clear fable of the artist’s labor
                    to keep the painting free

of things: as evidence the lines
which are not her perception tra-
          versing space, and not translucent but of all things simply a-




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