Trickhouse vol. 10, Fall 2010

Visual Artist Door (curated by Shelton Walsmith):   Renata Marallo
Writers Door (curated by Laynie Browne):   Bernadette Mayer | Lee Ann Brown | Miranda Torn
Guest Curator Door (curated by Kerrie Rosenstein):  Miami Beach Tokyo Peach(selected by Shayna Schapp)
Sound Door (curated by Eric Jordan):   Daniel Menche
Video Door (curated by Cyane Tornatzky):   Gretchen Blegen
Interview Door (curated by TC Tolbert):   Rae Strozzo
Correspondent Door (curated by Brandon Shimoda):   Deborah Poe
Experiment Door (curated by Deborah Poe):   Quintan Ana Wikswo
The Parlour (curated by Noah Saterstrom):   Cara Benson | Chris Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel


About Trickhouse vol. 10:

The word for this issue is "integrative".

adj \ˈin-tə-ˌgrā-tiv\: combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole.

It's like a flower arrangement, or mix tape, or dinner party. Diverse elements temporarily gathered together as an offering, or celebration revealing the natural beauty of harmony and dissonance. Can't go wrong. It's in that spirit we bring you Trickhouse vol. 10, the first in a series of issues lovingly curated by eight different artists, writers, and creative professionals from around the globe who will be selecting the content for the next three issues (see more below). Thanks to you all for such a gorgeous volume.

We are also pleased to announce a monthly Trickhouse event series at Casa Libre en la Solana in Tucson, AZ starting with the launch of this issue (see below), called Trickhouse Live, which we aim to have video archived and posted in future issues for your enjoyment.

Also you may notice that the Trickhouse homepage has gotten an exciting new look for volume 10, thanks to the clever eye of Jessica Eichman from Glass Egg Design. Hope you like it.

Thanks for spending some time with Trickhouse, and celebrating the diversity and magic that continues to grace these rooms.

Noah Saterstrom, Trickhouse Chief Curator



Guide to the New Layout of Trickhouse:

New Doors:

About this Issue:
The new top left door on the Trickhouse homepage (where you find yourself right now) will illucidate and introduce each future volume of Trickhouse. It will list our guest curators, and any news relating to the current issue or events.

The Parlour:
The bottom left door on the Trickhouse homepage is the Parlour. This is where we publish works of all media on a rolling basis. Click here to visit the Parlour.

We are now accepting submissions for all media for The Parlour. Submissions are received on a rolling basis with two review periods, August and December. Click here for Submission Guidelines.

\ˈpär-lər\ n: A room in a private dwelling used primarily for conversation, reception of guests, from French "to speak", denotes an "audience chamber". ( -games, -tricks ). A place of business and exchange (ie: beauty- , ice cream- , funeral- ).


New Curatorial Set-up:

Beginning with volume 10, Trickhouse will feature a different guest curator for each of the eight doors. Each guest curator will be the brains behind the content for an individual door for a three issue run. Every fourth issue will be entirely in the hands of a single guest curator. Here are the curators for vol. 10, 11 and 12.

Visual Art - Shelton Walsmith
Writers - Laynie Brown
Guest Curators - Kerri Rosenstein
Sound - Eric Jordan
Video - Cyane Tornatzky
Interview - TC Tolbert
Correspondent - Brandon Shimoda
Experiment - Deborah Poe
The Parlour - Noah Saterstrom




Trickhouse Live
Integrative Arts and Performance Series |
Casa Libre en la Solana, Tucson, Arizona

Trickhouse Live is an art and performance series that brings together people working with words, images, sounds, videos and a variety of performances.  The series serves as a venue for visiting artists to interact with local artists and for the borders between genres and mediums to be permeable.  Trickhouse Live is co-organized by TC Tolbert, and Noah Saterstrom, and Laynie Browne.


Mon Oct 11:
Jared White, Farrah Field

Thurs Nov 4:
India Hixon and Denise Uyehara


Videos from Trickhouse Live 1 - Sept 28, 2010 - Cara Benson and Quintan Ana Wikswo




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