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ten ways to put together an airplane


Turn toward the undifferentiated vastness in the first of all flowers. 

Turn partly in delight and partly inspired by the sick awe of rebirth. 

Turn a weakness of the libido into the asset of a well-stocked garage. 

Shatter utopian tendencies against the earthly ballast that anchors them.


Turn a spiritual aspiration into the ill-omened echo of a dog’s far-off cry.

Turn all animals into theologians, psychotherapists, classicists, and art critics.

This theory would liken flight to a kind of castration of the intellect.

Engage in nothing on the fringe of everyday activities save that of forgetfulness. 


Turn the sonnet like a saw blade upon the woodsy fixity of received form.  

Launch into the air an asexual organ of reproduction. Say it: fuel equals fear.







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