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improbable for a tear to dissolve on the laminated page, but it does so


Add to the picture an angular stroke and artificiality trumps again

the definition of the word design, while in silk a spider barricades herself,

extending two mandibles, which suggest the single couplet to survive

the Sapphic present: Beauty endures as long as there’s a looker/ but goodness


always looks beautiful. I look at you as an aerial trip over paradise. Yes,

at the cellular level we’re equals, spinning and weaving in extreme fragility

a dialectic of emergence: you can spring fully armed from the head of your father

or as a larva eat through the leaf on which your egg was lain. Either way, what


turns a removal of drama from the earth into a latent sexual content allowing

the tear to soak through is not stone ripped from a statue, but an animal

singing in hurried inversions without its horn: Shalom, goodnight, adieu.








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