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ideas based on the mapping of ordinary space


Turning elevation into an allegory again? Sure, clouds look like clouds

and take the shape of the limits of one’s imagination, but what I can’t

understand is if you think the world organizes itself around you, or if

you’re content to let your raft drift toward the best looking beachfront


one might build a megalopolis upon, taking the limits of your imagination

into account, then twisting them, as though architectural forms, facades,

and embellishments might contain a clue to the conceptual sense of home,

which, if one looks at it from a mountain, becomes somehow heightened,


turning elevation into an allegory. Sure, the clouds look like clouds,

and any one might in its singularity resemble a row of welcoming bungalows.

Understand, the world will always organize itself around your thinking,

which doesn’t have to be monumental. A megalopolis begins with sand. 







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