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Kerri Rosenstein

one year humming


one year humming was created from travels approximately between April 2009 and April 2010. Upon letting go of comforts (physically and emotionally) of home with openness to possibility and presence by way of non-attachment, I found myself wildly awake and blessed with support in this small and not-so-small world. One year humming documents roads traveled in 26 states, places I slept, and people who gave me places to sleep. Humbled and with gratitude, this year journey feels like both a mere beginning and profound continuum.


Along the coast of the Pacific Ocean one day, I found if I put a snail in the palm of my hand it would curl up inside of itself. Naturally. Out of fear. Out of self-preservation. And if I stood real still, humming a soft low constant hum, that vibration would draw the snail outward and upward. It happens this way again and again. Ceaselessly awing me with sweet surprise.

Music by Michael Winter.


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