Trickhouse is a journal that publishes and exhibits with equal credence works of any medium and genre, well-known and marginal voices, playful as well as challenging content, work from inside and outside ‘the Institution’, works that engage community, experiments which may fail as well as succeed, site-specific works that explore the internet as the ‘site’, unformed and raw works, and polished and pristine works. Our mission is to serve as an unmediated environment for visual art, writing, sound, video, interviews, and interactive experiments.


We are devoted to the generative nature of collaboration and the crucial role that venues such as ours play by offering an audience for the inquiries of independant curators. As an “unmediated” venue, Trickhouse Curators gather contributors and follow their interests without the interference of a committee decision. In this way, we provide alternatives to venues that must adhere to the limitations of academia and/or the conventions of the buying markets of art and literature.


To be added to the Trickhouse mailing list, send an email to trickhouse.curator@gmail.com with “subscribe” as the subject.