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Trickhouse Archives – 2013 – 2016

4 Over 40

Conversations between four South African painters — Luan Nel, Desmond Mnyila, Nigel Mullins, and Tanya Poole. Curated by Tanya Poole (text / images)


WHY Series

audio interviews, curated and produced by Joan Schuman, with Noah Saterstrom, Alexandra Eldridge, Caroline Bergvall, Kevin Allen, Helen White and Ed Bowes. (audio)


Huck Arteaga, Hannah Ensor, Ian Ellasante, Samuel Ace

from Speech Acts, a video poetry series curated by TC Tolbert featuring trans and genderqueer poets and their work (video)


Jan St. Werner

a conversation with Eric Jordan about collaborative performance and sound pieces (audio / text)


The Art of David Byrd

by Rebecca Brown (text, images)


Listening as a Form of Activism: Kevin Allen, Maile Colbert and Tessie Word

three video artists curated by Joan Schuman (video)


Timothy Hyman with Noah Saterstrom

a conversation between two painters (text, images)


Trickhouse vol 1 – 15

Vol 15, Spring 2012 – visit full issue


Jason Reed – “Rio Grande Crossing” (video)
Lewis Warsh – (text / image)
Counsel Langley – (images)
Raphael Umscheid – (video)
Erin Lynn Forrest – (text / image)
Cecilia Vicuña – “Rio Mapocho” (video)
A Wrecked Tangle Press – (text / image)
Ten Turkish Visual Poets – (text / image)


Vol. 14, Winter 2011 – visit full issue


Predgrad Pajdic & Alexandra Eldridge – “There is No Such Thing as The End” (images)
Stacy Doris – from “Fledge: A Phenomonology of Spirit” (text)
Aaron Kunin – “Attacks on Style” (text)
Toni Simon
– “Folded Poems for Trickhouse” (video)
Brian Koelling – “On the Edge of the Sun (audio, images)
David Morello – “Why Do I Waste So Much Time On People I Don’t Even Like?” (text / image)
Sherri Lynn Wood – “Mantra Trailers” (video)
Alexis Myre – “Sculptures” (images)
Eight Internet Writing Projects, curated by Kristen Nelson – (text)
Andrew Levy (text)
James Yeary & Jennifer Bartlett
Marty Ehrlich & Erica Hunt
Tenney Nathanson
Maryrose Larkin
Contanimation: However, Tether, and Some, Curated by TC Tolbert (text / images / videos)

Vol. 13, Summer 2011 – visit full issue


(Guest Curated by Kerri Rosenstein)

Man Bartlett (images)
Phoebe Wayne (text / image)
Yifat Gat (images)
Joni Sternbach & Rebecca Olive (photographs / text)
Kerri Rosenstein with Caldera Youth (interactive text / image)
Shayna Schapp & Megan Garr (text / image)
Ken Fandell (video)


Vol. 12, Spring 2011 – visit full issue


Robert Melsmuf (paintings)
Alice Notley (text)
Erin Moure
(text / image)
Sawako Nakayasu
Lance Brewer & Harry Griffin (text / image)
Lock Lockets (music / video)
Cyane Tornatzky (video)
Joan Fiset in collaboration with Xuan Ngoc Nguyen (text)
TC Tolbert with Timothy Dyke and Bo McGuire (interview / video)
Su-Cheng Hung (installation / video)


Vol. 11, Winter 2010 – visit full issue


Pamela Moore (text / image / sculpture)
Norma Cole
(text / image / book)
Thomas Evans (text / image / sculpture)
Susan Sanford (text / image / book)
Pat Boas (video)
(music / sound)
Glenda Drew
Helen White (photographs)
TC Tolbert with Denise Uyehara (video)
Lori Anderson Moseman (interactive / text / image)


Vol. 10, Fall 2010 – visit full issue


Renata Marallo (photographs)
Bernadette Mayer, Lee Ann Brown, Miranda Torn (video)
MiamiBeach TokyoPeach (interactive)
Daniel Menche (music / sound)
Gretchen Blegen (video)
Deborah Poe (video)
TC Tolbert with Rae Strozzo (video)
Quintan Ana Qikswo (interactive / text / image / sound)


Vol. 9, Summer 2010 – visit full issue


Julie Comnick (drawings)
Saskia Jorda
Alexandra Eldridge
Gregory Howard (text)
Cynthia Hogue
Merrill Cole
Drew Krewer (text)
Joanna Furhman
Deborah Bernhardt (text)
John Dennis of Tarbox (music)
Kerri Rosenstein (video)
Iain Clark (photographs / video)
TC Tolbert with Unnamed (video)
Danielle Vogel & Joan Dickinson (video)

Vol. 8, Spring 2010 – visit full issue


Ilana Halperin (images / text / stalactites)
Laura Sims (text)
Jen Bervin –
(images / books / stitches)
Kate Greenstreet
Shelton Walsmith (images)
Eric Jordan (sound)
Johns Jasper (video)
Nora Herting (video / sound)
Kristen Nelson w/ Shelly Taylor (text)
Richard Upchurch (video / speaking boxes)


Vol. 7, Winter 2009/10 – visit full issue


(Guest Curated by Andrea Spain)

Rohini Kapil (photographs)
Bhanu Kapil (text)
Melissa Buzzeo
Erin Morrill
Andrea Spain (text)
Sarah Paul (video)
Mili Pradhan (video)
Vince Mistretta (video)
Andrea Spain w/ James Currie (text)
SeonHyoung Kim (image / sound)


Vol. 6, Fall 2009 – visit full issue


Mark Menjivar (photographs)
Eleni Sikelianos (text)
Dan Beachy-Quick
Tomaz Salamun (text)
Flexible Geography (interactive)
Daniel Staniforth / Luna Trick (music / sound)
Woman Poses by a Waterfall (video / text / uses Flash)
Tama Baldwin (video)
Andrea Rexilius & Eric Baus (sound / interview)
Laura Davenport (text / images)


Vol. 5, Summer 2009 – visit full issue


Josh Friedman (paintings)
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge (text)
Joanna Howard (text)
Thalia Field (text)
Verbobala (text / image)
Caroline Bergvall (video)
Anne Waldman & Lisa Jarnot (video)
Lisa Birman (text)
Conversations with Gordon Massman (text)
Brandon Shimoda & Lisa Schumaier (interactive)


Vol. 4, Spring 2009 – visit full issue


Michael Paige Glover (paintings)
Laura Krifka
Noah Eli Gordon (text)
James Belflower w/ Anne Heide
Danielle Dutton
“Food Signs of the United States” by Noah Saterstrom
(images / uses Flash)
Michael Renovich (music / sound / remake of REM record)
Lisa Leaverton & Nancy Andrews (video)
Robert S. Eshelman (essay)
Lisa Birhman w/ Bhanu Kapil (interview)
Doug Nufer (essay)


Vol. 3, Winter 2008/09 – visit full issue


Eric Baden – (photographs)
Brenda Iijima – (text)
Rebecca Brown
– (text)
Michelle Naka Pierce
– (text)
Miriam Kathrein – (text / image)
Andrew Klobucar – (sound / video)
Abigail Child (video)
Erik Anderson (essay / images)
Mathias Svalina w/ Shelton Walsmith – (interview / text / images)
Denise Uyehara & Natalie Nguyen – (video)


Vol. 2, Fall 2008 – visit full issue


Gisela Insuaste – (paintings and drawings)
Kristen Nelson – from “The Hole Family” (text)
Akilah Oliver – from “The Putterer’s Notebook: an anti-Memoir” (text)
Brenda Coultas– The Diary of Found Foods (text)
David Banash – “The Secret Diaries: Collages of William Davies King” (text and images)
Orchestra Descarrego – São Paulo, Brazil / the first recorded session of the free improvisation group (sound / video)
Ed Bowes – “Against the Slope of Social Speech” / film (75mins)” (film)
Robert Anasi – “From the Green Haven Correctional Facility, Dutchess County, New York” (text)
Elwood Beach – “An Off-the-Radar Icon, Quesions for George Hildrew” (interview / images)
David Lowe – “Description. Depiction” – an experiment with polic sketches (interactive)

Vol. 1, Summer 2008 – visit full issue


Lara Rivera (paintings)
Sara Veglahn – excerpt from “The Mayflies” (text)
Christian Peet / YOU SEARCHED FOR >> DOORS >> (text)
Peter Markus – excerpt from “Bob, or Man on Boat” (text)
Leisure Projects – “Ice Palaces” (curatorial experiment / uses Flash)
Chris Funkhouser – “book review: not a b (pdp remix)” (sound and text animation / uses Flash)
Solan Jensen – “The Wildlife Gong” / a video from Antarctica (video)
Julianna Spallholz – “A Brief Introduction to Downtown Tucson, Arizona” (text)
A Conversation with Flood Editions, by Martin Riker (interview)
Elizabeth Frankie Rollins and Ben Johnson – “A Collaboration: 12 Months x2” (interactive text / sound / image / uses Flash)